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January 4, 2011

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

Harper Connolly (not unlike Sookie Stackhouse), has a rare gift that makes others uncomfortable: she can find dead people.  In Grave Sight, the first of the Harper Connelly mysteries, we learn that our heroine was struck by lightening as a teenager and was left with the uncanny ability to find the dead and witness their final moments.  Capitalizing on her unique talent, Harper, alongside her brother Tolliver who handles the administrative angle, offers her itinerant services for hire.  When they're called into a reclusive Ozark community, the siblings find more deaths than they bargained for and a mystery with all the social trappings fit for any Southern universe dreamed up by Harris.  

It's hard to pass judgement on a Harris novel because she's such a series writer, and having only read the first Harper Connelly mystery, I'd like to wait until I've read at least two more before I decide where Harper Connelly falls on my Harris scale. For the moment, I find our protagonist lacking the humor and warmth we love in Sookie Stackhouse and Lily Bard, but as more of Harper's past conflicts are revealed, I have the feeling there will be more to appreciate.  As usual, the author's gift for fast-paced personal narrative and insight into Southern culture give the book it's distinct edge.  It's worthwhile reading, but perhaps not the best Harris series to start with if you're new to the author: try Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse) or the first Aurora Teagarden mystery instead.

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