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January 5, 2011

Cozy Mysteries Reading Challenge

Goodness me, another reading challenge in 2011? Mais oui! I couldn't resist when I saw the idea behind the cozy mysteries challenge hosted by Socrates' Book Reviews. I'd never heard the term cozy mystery before, but as soon as I did, it made complete sense and I realized I've been reading cozy mysteries my entire life. They're like comfort food to this reader, so this is a challenge that's perfect for me! If the idea of what a cozy mystery is doesn't sink in immediately, check out this great website COZY MYSTERY.COM to hear an avid cozy mystery reader's thoughts about the genre and access an extensive list of suggested authors. Charlaine Harris, whom I regularly blog about, certainly falls into this category. I'm going for the title of super sleuth (read 13 or more books in this category during the year--elementary, my dear Watson!).  Happy cozy mystery reading! 


  1. Welcome to the cozy challenge! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Yvonne! I know I'll enjoy this and am looking forward to seeing what other cozy mysteries my fellow readers enjoy!


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