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November 24, 2010

Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander

Recently I was introduced to the Yellow Bird films based on Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell's beloved inspector Kurt Wallander books.  The timing couldn't be better as I've been searching for something to help me avoid the withdraw symptoms experienced since completing Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy (in both book and film format).  Similar socio-political themes and nordic small town locations help create the same atmospheric tension that Larsson crafted so well.  Incidentally, Yellow Bird is also the same company that produced the Millenium films.  I haven't had the pleasure of reading Mankell's series yet, but will put it on my wishlist.  As so often happens, the books appear to vary from the films which, based on what I've read on fan sites, offer a more lighthearted take on the character and also focus on his detective daughter Linda from the get-go.

Inspector Wallander appears to be a pretty popular character: he has his own website, two televised/filmic takes on his life in Sweden and a British remake with none other than Kenneth Branagh in the lead.  For now I'm enjoying watching Krister Henriksson's portrayal of Wallander in the Yellow Bird series, but who knows how attached I'll get to Henning Mankell's Ystad inspector?

And if you happen to be heading off to southern Sweden any time soon, be sure to follow the inspector's footsteps in Ystad with information from this helpful website HERE

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